Our Services


What we can do for your business

Executive Management

  • Work with the executive team and translate strategies into executable plans
  • Develop specialist and generalist leadership competencies, creating high-performance winning teams
  • Embed a coaching and Mentoring leadership style

Customer Service

  • Business analysis, which includes an understanding of process, people and technology
  • Building of Business and Process Architectures which enables the principle driver to be the customer at the heart of any strategic conversation
  • A detailed Change Management approach to support customer and staff connectivity
  • Quantifiable measurements to adopt within the value chain where the customer experience is the key measurement
  • Investment in knowledge sharing, ensuring that the solution is sustainable and owned by the staff that will fulfil the value chain
  • Adaptable methodologies that are flexible in your approach
  • Demonstrate quick turnaround

Business Development and Transformation

This step change business journey requires resilience, determination and excellent execution. Having been active participants on this journey we are able to provide the following services:

  • Application  of ‘Hands On”   understanding,  Organisational Realignment around a Business Operating Model using  Change Management , Human Capital Practices, Process Design and Business Readiness Criteria
  • We understand the importance of driving the technology landscape through the business requirements. We have the ability to integrate business and technical competencies
  • We adopt a multi disciplinary plan using program management and leadership skills to execute

Change Management

We see change management as the alignment and integration of the customer , staff and organization strategy by translating this into an agile and adaptable change management framework:

  • Devise sustainable Human Capital material which encompasses role profiles, roles based competencies,  job descriptions,  performance measures aligned to levels of work
  • Proficient in applying the Lean Six Sigma Connect Methodology which indicates an organisational framework that  creates “ the right structure for the right levels of work”

Coaching and Mentoring

We wish to transfer and enlighten aspiring leaders by using our vast experiences and skills. We see this as a learning opportunity which creates sustainability and growth.