Flair with Finesse is a niche Business Development and Design Solutions company. The key capabilities compromise of : Business Design Solutions, Business Enablement , Business Transformation, Customer value proposition design, Process management and Change Management.

Expertise lies in delivering successful services to South Africa and the Broader Africa through understanding key delivery solutions.

Fundamental to Flair with Finesse Business Services is keeping abreast of leading thought leadership patterns, technology trends and understanding the 4th Industrial revolution in the context of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Flair with Finesse Business Services recognises that no individual is greater than the team and is committed to:

  • Operating with utmost honesty and integrity, ensuring that our ability to deliver on any challenge is tempered with uncompromised moral standards
  • Ensuring confidentiality when interacting across all respective business partners
  • Treating all staff with respect and with dignity
  • Uplifting the level of skills and ensuring future sustainability
  • Providing specialist knowledge and skills which compliment the step-by-step changes to the business
  • Ensuring transparency at all intervals and delivering tangible results
  • Ensuring certification of key methods and competencies

Flair with Finesse Business Services thrives on taking the customer strategy, whether it may be strategic or operational in nature and executing through incremental deliverables. The benefits of this approach is easily visible within the organisation.

The methodologies that are applied to deliver on the customer strategy comprise:

  • Understanding the landscape within which the company and the staff operate (Change  Management)
  • Understanding the customer needs and requirements and how this is being translated by the company (Customer Experience and Process Management)
  • Determining whether Information Technology is relevant during the evaluation process

Using the above, we formulate an approach that can be applied to the problem statement with a clear outcome, through the agreed business objectives.

  • We leverage the knowledge and skills present with our customer environment, enabling the meeting of minds. This collaborative process enables us to jointly  agree the realistic measurements that are to be applied to the  deliverables for completion.

This ultimately results in the completion of a sustainable and implementable end-to-end Business Value Chain.

Innovation permeates through everything we do while we work with our clients to unpack their customer value proposition.